More about location or "Near" and miles

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This feature allows you to enter in either a USA Zip Code or a USA City and State. It then tries to find your location based on that information. If it finds your location, it uses that information along with the number of miles you selected (from 1 to 99 miles) to search the database for meetings in that area. Using this "Near" feature will currently only find meetings in USA.

Location or "Near" (To find meetings near you):

As mentioned, the meeting lookup by entering your location currently only works in the USA, but future plans include the rest of the world. There are several features of the lookup that work "behind the screens".  If you experience any difficulty, or want to best understand how it works, please keep reading.

  • If you don't enter any location, simply select the Country and you will be walked through to a list of meetings in a particular area.
  • To find meetings in a Country other than USA, select the Country of interest. To find Internet meetings, select the Country Internet.
  • If you enter a Zip Code (with or without entering any City or State information, it tries to use the Zip Code first. If only a Zip Code is entered and it can't find it, it will ask you to enter your City and State before the Zip Code.   If it then finds your entered City and State, you are all set!
  • If you enter in both a Zip Code along with a City and State, and it can't find a location based on your Zip Code, it will try to use your City and State information, and remove your Zip Code. If it finds your City and State, again, you are all set!
  • Note that the Country is already listed when you select a Country, so entering in a Country name along with City and State or Zip Code will only confuse the program.


  • The miles from your location to a meeting are sometimes called "crow miles" or "as the crow flies" because they are based on a straight line from your location to the meeting. Because of this, the actual driving miles will usually be greater.

Thanks much, and please let us know if you experience any difficulties, or if you have any ideas on how we could improve this service.