Intergroup Information

What is an ACA Intergroup or Regional Service committee?

(Extracted from the ACA Fellowship Text)

In areas where many ACA meetings exist, an Intergroup is generally formed to provide a forum for conducting ACA business within a given geographical area. The individual groups continue to conduct their own group business; however, the groups can select a meeting representative to represent the group at an Intergroup meeting. The Intergroup, therefore, is composed of members from the various ACA groups. The Intergroup helps coordinate helpline functions, public information efforts, hospitals and institutions meetings, and ACA events in a given area. An ACA Regional Service Committee serves a similar function by helping coordinate ACA functions and fellowship business among Intergroups in a geographical area.

When an Intergroup is formed, each ACA group elects an Intergroup representative, who attends a monthly or quarterly Intergroup meeting. If there is no Intergroup in your area, your group can elect a Group Service Representative, who can attend the Annual Business Conference. A Regional Service Committee serves as a coordinating point for several Intergroups in a geographical area. Intergroup Representatives attend Regional Service Committee meetings as well.

Pages 603 thru 606 of the ACA Fellowship text provide additional information on how to start an Intergroup or Regional Service Committee that is directly responsible to those they serve.

We welcome all help from Intergroups, especially with getting meetings registered with the new (meeting) registration form. If your Intergroup has not registered within the past year or does not have an email listed on the website, please update your information with the Intergroup Registration form below. Thanks much!

Intergroup Registration Form in Adobe “pdf” format.

Note: The program to read (and print in high quality) Adobe “pdf” pages is called “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. If you can not view a “pdf” file, then you need to download the FREE reader from Adobe by clicking here. You will be taken to the Adobe Acrobat website. After installing Adobe Acrobat Reader, please return to this page and you should then be able to view the “pdf” file.

Intergroup Registration Form

In order for the ACA WSO to be of maximum service the following information must be current, accurate and complete. All information on this form will be used for ACA service purposes only.

The WSO asks registered ACA Intergroups and meetings to verify/update their meeting records at least once a year by submitting an updated registration form. For Intergroup updates, please include as minimum the Intergroup's ACA WSO Intergroup rumber and at least one Point of Contact, including an email address; the remaining fields can be left blank once verified as unchanged since your last submission to the WSO.

Use of this on-line form requires entry of the e-mail address of at least one point of contract (usually the Intergroup Chair or selected WSO Representative). If you prefer to not provide this information to the WSO (anonymity), please use the paper Registration Form instead. Click here to download a copy of this form.

Don't know your WSO Intergroup number? Then click here to go to the ACA Intergroup list and scroll down to your Intergroup. When you find your Intergroup, you'll find the WSO Intergroup "IG" number in parenthesis near the end of your Intergroup's name.

PUBLIC CONTACT INFORMATION: Please supply us with the following information. This will be made available to assist people in finding your Intergroup, or to allow them to ask questions they may have about meetings for your Intergroup. The WSO will provide the information in this section on the WSO web site's Intergroup listing. Do not put any information in this section that you want kept private.

Mailing Address

(Cross streets, Buildings, Church, etc.)


Please provide the full name and address of the Primary Intergroup Representative to the WSO. The information in this section will be for use only within the WSO service structure, will be kept confidential and will not be available on the public web site. Starred fields must be filled in. See note at top of form if you are unwilling to complete this section.

Each Intergroup must have at least one contact person on record with his/her own mailing address.


In case we cannot reach the Primary Contact Person, we also ask for a Secondary Contact Person to be identified where possible. If you have a secondary point of oontact, please provide the full name and address of that person. As with the Primary Point of Contact infomation, the information in this section will be for use only within the WSO service structure, will be kept confidential and will not be available on the public web site.

The access code is required to reduce the spam being received.

In submitting this form, I certify that

  • our ACA Intergroup agrees to follow the ACA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions to the best of our ability, that
  • I am authorized to act on behalf of this ACA Intergroup in submitting this form, and that
  • all the information provided is correct to the best of my knowledge.